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Blue Juice?


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Have been using Al Cass FAST! valve oil for many years, but my local music store no longer carries it...  Anyone use BleuJuice before?  and how will react to the Al Cass valve oil?  I've tried different valve oil with Al Cass before, and it "gunked up"...

Any experiences?

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Blue Juice , I believe is a synthetic oil. Which doesn't mix well with Al Cass oil. If changing to a synthetic oil, give your trumpet a through bath with Dawn dish detergent. Also use isopropyl alcohol to clean the valves and the inside of the valve block. 

Synthetic valve oils like Monster oil, La Tromba T 2, Ultrapure are all compatiable. 

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I switched between Al Cass and blue juice had the same issues. Now I only use the synthetic valve oils.

Either monster or la tromba 1 valve oils. Like the twin packs with free shipping.

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It is always a good idea to clean valves and casings before switching to ANY oil.  Blue Juice is NOT synthetic, by the way, but does have a kerosene content that helps flush and keep valves cleaner. The Al Cass formula remained unchanged since its debut. The reason why it is getting harder to find is that Al Cass' widow and son had another blow-out of sorts, and the company closed permanently in 2018. The only Al Cass oil available now is that which is in reserve stock. In the fall of 2018, SuperSlick announced its new "Fast Oil" with packaging nearly identical to the Al Cass Fast Oil. It is believed that SuperSlick purchased the rights to the formula, and is now making the oil under their own label. 

Blue Juice is an excellent oil if it jives with your horn. Today's newer horns have tighter tolerance between piston and chamber, so one need be more judicious in oil choice, such as lighter viscosity. There is also the consideration of metal types: nickel-silver, stainless steel, Monel, newer alloys. Older horns tend to do well with traditional oil brands like Al Cass. With continued changes in the environment, evaporation rates have increased rapidly, so it is important to keep your valves oiled at all times unless the horn has been prepared for longterm storage.

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