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  2. eBay would be a good place to get a feel for its value. Do a search for your model to see what's currently available, then scroll down the menu on the left side of the page until you get to the category "Show only", then click on "Sold Items". This will give you an idea what these trumpets actually have been selling for. Compare the condition to yours to the ones for sale and the ones sold, and you'll have a reasonable idea of how to market your horn.
  3. Jupiter was my first instrument. Now I play on Yamaha Bobby Shew. Think its best solution for my level.
  4. Hi all. Nice to be a part of this community!
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  6. I would post this question in the other trumpet forums. Trumpetboards. Com and trumpet herald. Com.
  7. Hi guys, for quite some time I've had a Bach Stradivarius trumpet which I no longer need and I am looking to sell. Can someone please give me some information about the value of this horn: Vincent Bach Stradivarius model 37,serial ML269464 I looked all over the Internet but couldn't find info about this particular model. Any info would be much appreciated.
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  9. Hello all, I have a seemingly brass 1 valved york trumpet with a 676 serial number. I'd like to sell it. I've played brass for a long time but I have no idea of a fair asking price. It IS from Grand Rapids. Any ideas??
  10. As the saying goes, I have a small fortune, but it's more small than fortune. First I'll do what I can myself, then worry about what I can afford to have done.
  11. Sounds like very much fun. Have you thought about having the values professionally cleaned? The trumpet should clean up nicely, Getzen 700 trumpet Getzen 800 cornet Bach 1.5 C trumpet mp. Curry 1 C trumpet mp. Bach 2 C cornet mp. Getzen 5 C cornet mp. No name 7 C mp
  12. Dish washing liquid and alcohol are good friends of mine. The seller said the finish might be silver plating, and it does look as much like silver as brass. I';ll have to get some metal polish and find out what's under the tarnish. If the valves are beyond salvage (always a possibility) there's also the idea of getting a propane torch and annealing the bell and straightening it as best I can. If the valves clean up and it sounds decent, I probably would rather not risk making things worse before I take it in to the shop.
  13. Please add Getzen to the equipment specific forums.
  14. Is it possible to have our equipment listed in our profile and automically listed in our posts.
  15. I am a big fan of dawn dish washing liquid andisopropyl alcohol to clean a trumpet. Make take a few baths Is there enough of the finish left or do to plan to make raw brass?
  16. Hopefully better than it does now. Compared to my cornet, it's stuffy and uncertain. I'll be cleaning the valves some more this weekend.
  17. What mouthpieces and trumpets are you playing?
  18. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have the skills and will to comeback to the trumpet world. Playing the trumpet/cornet sure helps me in dealing with a teenage daughter. Have you considered buying a intermediate horn to get back playing. All the three trumpet websites have very supportive, knowledgeable and differing levels of players. I have gained a lot from all these websites.
  19. Welcome to the forum. The Conn 17 a director was my first cornet, very fun to play. It sound more like a trumpet rather than a cornet. How does the Olds ambassador Mello phone sound and play? I owed a Olds ambassador trumpet. It was a good student trumpet. What mouthpieces do you play on your instruments?
  20. Welcome to the forum. Agree with the previous poster, happy to see a trumpet player who focuses on self improvement not equipment. Looking forward to your insights and sharing of your experiences.
  21. Gendreauj

    Blue Juice?

    What environmental changes have occurred to affect evaporation rates?
  22. So how is your Thomas Crown mute blending in your community band?
  23. Do like the Curry 1 c trumpet mouthpiece as a backup mouthpiece.Though I still prefer the Bach 1. 5 c mouthpiece.
  24. Since nobody wanted this mouthpiece and I am not patient. Decided to keep this mouthpiece for buzzing in my car.
  25. Do not see why you could not use one valve oil for both instruments. When I had a trombone used trumpet valve oil. How fast do you want the slides? Do you like a thick oil or a fast oil? La Tromba #1 is what I use on my trumpet/cornet.
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