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  2. As noted in a previous post I owed a Jupiter cornet, the sound was a little off. Probably made, before the currently company owed it. The Jupiter student cornet sounds as good, if not better than previous student cornet I owed. Have owed Getzen, Yamaha, Bach, King, Conn and other brands. Both trumpets, cornets, Field Bugle, and trombone. Glad you are liking your Eastman trumpet. Very well made dependable trumpet. In my area the music store rents out Eastman instruments to the schools.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Of the two student trumpets you listed, I have only heard of the Roy Benson and JP Packer. Have only played a JP Packer cornet. Believe all the trumpets are made in China. Quality control is not consistent. I have owed a few and I sold most of them for parts Wouldn't recommend any of these trumpets. If you can't afford new. Buy a used trumpet from the following companies: Yamaha, Bach, Getzen, Selmer, Conn, King.
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  5. Hello everyone, I would like to throw a question here and get some opinions on the instruments I have listed below. I have been told that these are inexpensive student trumpets, but so far I have not found any reliable reviews. I am new to the instrument and in my country these five are quite inexpensive. I would be especially happy if someone has the knowledge about the playability, resistance and overall functionality of these trumpets. Thank you in advance! Roy Benson TR 202 John Packer JP051 SML Paris TP300 SML Paris TP500 XUQIU XTR-001
  6. the experience I had was terrible I had a Jupiter for 3 years and bought a blessing 125 and it was better that the intermediate horn I was playing but I recommend Eastmen I play one and its amazing
  7. gsg

    Uprgrade question

    yeah and we are a really small band like 30 or 40 including drumline ,color guard and battons
  8. Saw this Upmute silent mute advertised on eBay. Not happy with my sssh mute and didn't like Yamaha silent mute. Has anyone tried this mute and how does it play?
  9. Gendreauj

    B4 vs B4L

    Hi Carla, What were your impressions of the Schilke B4 L trumpet?
  10. Paid $12.50 for this new Student DW cornet mouthpiece . A new Denis Wick cornet mouthpiece cost at least $59.dollars. Also Denis wick is printed on the mouthpiece. Currently I owe one Denis Wick Heavytop 1.5 trumpet mouthpiece.
  11. Clone? Is it not a Denis Wick mp?
  12. Yes, I also posted on trumpetherald, and several folks have reached out to assist. No one has suggested a fabrication yet, but I would be interested if possible. Thanks!
  13. I see you have asked this question on the trumpet board forum. If you haven't already, ask on the trumpetherald forum. There are many trumpet techs and professionals on that site. Have you talked to more than one brass repairman? Surprised that a replacement part could not be fabricated.
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  15. Hello everyone! I am looking for a missing part for my father's trumpet, and it's proving difficult to find. I should note that I know nothing about trumpets. It's an Olds Recording trumpet from 1941-42. The trumpet is missing its third valve slide (the entire removable section). I'm told by the local shop here that the bracing is a sheet style, rather than barrel/post (again, I have no idea what that means). If you know of where I can find this piece, please let me know. I appreciate any help, thanks! Brian
  16. Have you asked on trumpetherald site? The members are very knowledgeable about musical instruments.
  17. Use isopropyl alcohol with a microfiber towel to clean your valves. Use qtips soaked in the alcohol on the holes in the valves, bottom caps and top caps. Soak your valve brush in alcohol and clean interior of the valve block. Then use the snake to clean leadpipe. Clean other areas as needed. Use isopropyl alcohol or silicone wipes to clean the exterior of the cornet. May need to soak the cornet and the removed slides in the sink. Don't place valves in the water. A lot of hassle to take off corks and felts. I place a towel in the bottom. Use warm water, dawn dish soap to cover it. After a few hours, rinse it off. To remove old slide grease on the slides, I use SOS pads. (some people use alcohol). Use brushes on interior of Cornet. After cleaning, on the older instruments, the lacquer may come off. It at least changes the color of the patina. Had a few that smelled so bad, no choice but to remove the lacquer. So made them raw brass. Used silicone wipes to have a finish. My hands are not acidic. So my hands didn't turn green. Enjoy your cornet. What size is the mouthpiece?
  18. Oh yes please, any guidance on care and maintenance is very helpful for me. I will happily take recommendations, however I applied some blue juice to these valves.
  19. So you did determine cornet is a Harry Pedlar stencil. Saw your on inquiry on reddit. The valves look in great shape.What valve oil do you use? If you haven't cleaned the cornet, be very careful with the finish. Gave any older cornet a warm bath, and the finish came off. So made it a raw brass cornet.
  20. Hi, Thanks for the response. This horn has a under-slung third valve slide ring, you can verify its in the correct potion by noting the spit release valve being in the correct direction on the same slide. The horn is in stellar condition, the valves are smooth and quiet, all slides are easily movable, and the body has nearly no damage. Its sound it full and pleasant. I haven't been able to locate any information about this cornets origins.
  21. No, other than the 3rd slide being upside down. Looks in great shape, beautiful patina. Couldn't find any information on Hornucupia. Does it have a fixed 3rd slide ring? Could you take a photo of the valves? How does it play?
  22. Greetings, Would anyone have some information about this cornet? The bell is stamped with "The Diplomat Johnson-Hoffman San Diego Cal.". The 2nd valve casing is stamped with "7786". Any knowledge is greatly appreciated, thank you very much.
  23. I like the sound of the Bach 1.5 C megatone trumpet mouthpiece over the Bach 1.5 standard trumpet mouthpiece. The Bach megatone has a richer sound and is great in the high tones. The Bach 1.5 standard mouthpiece is lacking in the high notes. High notes is one of the many things I have to work on in my playing.
  24. So I like both of the mouthpieces. Both have a rich sound. To close to call. Although my first impression is the 3 C mouthpiece has a fuller deeper sound.
  25. Received the Denis Wick Heavytop 4 B today. Cleaned the tarnish off the mouthpiece, disinfected. Looks like new. Sounds great on my student cornet and my professional cornet. Dark rich sound, but can still reach the high notes.
  26. The 1 B cornet mouthpiece arrived sounds great. Realized that I bought both a 1 B cornet mouthpiece and a 1 B trumpet mouthpiece.
  27. Received the Jupiter 520 M cornet today. Gave it a bath and through cleaning. Cornet and case is in excellent shape. Plays very with the 5 C mouthpiece and DW 4 C short shank clone mouthpiece. Not so well with the Jupiter 7 C mouthpiece. Bought thus cornet for my youngest daughter, hopefully she will play this cornet in the future.
  28. Actually bought two Bach 1 B trumpet mouthpieces from ebay. The used one arrived today and is in excellent shape. Sounds great. Not sure which one I will flip.
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