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  2. I have been using ultra pure oils for years. I really like the performance of them. They have a black label for vintage horns that is great as well which is a thicker oil.
  3. marianne

    B2b sales

    In today's competitive markets, having an edge is essential https://www.the-next-tech.com/business/b2b-sales-lead-generation-more-efficient-and-less-time-consuming-strategies/. That's why using a b2b marketing firm that specializes in creating business leads is so important to the success of your sales process. A professional marketing company knows which strategies work and which ones don't. They also know how to infuse new technology into your current sales process, making it more effective and efficient.
  4. marianne

    B2b sales

    What is the best way to make b2b sales in musi industry?
  5. marianne

    Custom Software

    Content management systems (CMS) or https://mlsdev.com/services/web-development are a crucial part of the web development process. A content management system (CMS) provides a platform for organizations to easily create websites through a standardized interface. CMS is designed to let web developers create websites and manage web applications while offering many customization options and business functionality. The web designer will initially build the layout of the web pages and then add functionality through CSS, JavaScript, templates, images, and more. Content management systems allow the web developer to define and maintain the content of a web site, from the initial layout to the version displayed on the public. Content management systems also include shopping carts, which allow users to easily browse different types of products on the web site.
  6. marianne

    Custom Software

    Who can recommend development company for making custom software for music instruments?
  7. So, I play on Yamaha Custom Series (YTR-9610) achieves smooth resistance and airflow that only a reverse tuning slide design can offer, for easy, comfortable playability and harmonically rich tone. More information about my instrument here.
  8. I have some experience on trumpet.
  9. In a few months, I will start learning on a tenor sax. Haven't bought one yet, likely will buy from a local tech,independent store owner. Has anyone have experience with playing trumpet and doubling on sax.
  10. Can you recommend most expensive trumpet in the world? I heard Yamaha made of solid platinum!?
  11. Sounds was OK. Thought it had a flat sound. Tried different mouthpieces, have slide out further. Still wasn't happy with the sound. Brought to a lesson, teacher verified it was flat. Sold the trumpet on ebay. Finally bought two Getzen professional trumpets. Renaissance and a Canadian Brass trumpet. Decided to keep the Canadian Brass trumpet, easier to play, likes different mouthpieces. Made a profit on selling the renaissance.
  12. Looking for a current cornet blog. It can be American, Canadian, Irish,Welsh, Scottish or British.
  13. Couldn't find copper top and bottoms cap in the price point I wanted from USA supplier. So I did a best price on a copper trim kit from KGU from Ukraine.
  14. Looking for raw brass lightweight top and bottom caps for my Getzen Canadian Brass trumpet. Received top and bottom caps from Edwards Instruments Company today. They fit my Getzen cornet but not the trumpet. Want to buy from a North American supplier.
  15. Found out I like the Bach megatone mouthpieces better than the Wick Heavytop mouthpieces. Selling the Wick 1.5, 4 X trumpet mouthpieces on ebay. The Wick Heavytop 3 C is including with the Getzen Renaissance trumpet. Since I bought a professional trumpet, noticed I like the Bach megatone 5 B, 5 C mouthpieces. The Canadian Brass trumpet was provided with a 3 megatone clone mouthpiece. Also like the Bach megatone 5 B, Wick Heavytop 4 C and Bach standard 5 C mouthpiece. Selling the Jupiter 520 M cornet. Included are two Bach 3 C mouthpiece and a standard Jupiter 7 C.
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