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  2. I have a vintage Holton trumpet whose serial number 33010 says it was manufactured in 1915. However, the engraving on the bell says Frank Holton Elkhorn Wis., which was not running until 1918. Help!
  3. According to Bach's website, the serial number put it between 1985 and 1990, but closer to 1985. A model 180 with the #37 bell like yours is very common and the older horns are in demand. Like J. Jericho says, Ebay is a good place also trumpetheralds marketplace. The value is based on the condition of the finish, damage to the horn, has it been regularly cleaned etc. Good luck selling it.
  4. Glad that you had the slide fixed. Surprisingly how some shops personnel acts.
  5. Hello, I have a King Super 20 1047 sn 472655 and case in excellent condition. Is there someone on this forum familiar with the instrument who might tell me something about it and what it might be worth in a private sale. Thank you.
  6. The best suggestion I can come up with is to evaluate a mouthpiece once you have gotten to the point where its performance is predictable. A mouthpiece should enable you to easily produce the timbre you want (within the limits of the player/mouthpiece/instrument combination), crisp articulation, and quick response. However, ultimately the sound created will be your sound, and the differences in mouthpieces will make relatives changes (due to design) in your sound. This is why, for instance, the same trumpet or mouthpiece will sound and feel "dark" to one player and "bright" to another. Some players require considerable time to acclimate, while for others this time can be very short, and one's overall level of ability does not seem to predict how long or short this time frame is; it's a separate, individual skill.
  7. I am looking for info on a Couesnon Trumpet i have , I know it dates after 1900 and before they moved to their new address in 1937 but has no grenade with the date stamp . I think its from WW1 its has a green canvas covered case and what look like engraved on the bell - to the officers 110 M.L.I - 110th Mahratta Light Infantry ? and has a low serial number 10970 . Can anyone help with this thanks
  8. Thanks for the info and advice. Took the trumpet to Osmun Music and they fixed it right up. No “metal fatigue” after all, just a misaligned 3rd slide that I guess the first shop couldn’t or didn’t want to fix. Very happy with Osmun!
  9. Hi Maggie, Sorry to hear about your vintage Bach Stradivarius. I had plenty of issues with mine (1972 model 180 with #37 bell) and ended up sending it to Charlies brass works. He completely reconditioned it, replaced the leadpipe (broken because of a stuck mouthpiece), broken brace (between the leadpipe and bell) and a nasty dent in the bell from dropping it. It plays better than new. Here's a picture of it that a friend posted: My Bach Stradivarius- all shiny Here's a link to Charlie's. E-mail him with a picture of what's going on and ask his opinion. http://www.charliesbrassworks.com/index.php Best of luck !!
  10. I'm there with you Carla. I swapped mouthpieces a lot early in my playing. Started with a 7C because that's what the band director said to get. When I wanted to change after 2 years, I tried a 5C, then 1 1/2C, Shilke 11, Shilke 14A4A, Shilke 13A4, eventually landing on a Shilke 14A4. I swapped like every month thinking that was more than enough time to adjust. When you make small adjustments (like Shilke 14A4A, Shilke 13A4) you can move pretty quickly. Bigger changes you'll want to give your embouchure time to adjust. Of course now I'm thinking of playing around with Wick mouthpieces as I have one on my flugelhorn. If I may, could you help me understand what gear you have now ? How long have you been playing, what mouthpiece are you on now ? And most importantly, what trumpet are you playing (model and bore size) ? Here's a mouthpiece guide I found if it helps: https://trumpet.biz/trumpet-mouthpieces/trumpet-mouthpiece-guide/
  11. Here's a little bit of progress. As I kept looking for relevant pictures, just a few minutes ago I found a photo of a cornet that looks like the photos I posted here. Here is the link. https://www.trumpet-history.com/Virtual Museum.htm It is the one with the caption that looks like this: "Boosey & Co. Bb/A cornet in the style of Henry Diston - still carries Eagle bell crest, 1886"
  12. Hi, I have an old Boosey and Company cornet. Based on the serial number it would be circa 1899. The tubing wrap seems unique. I haven't found any photos of old Boosey cornets that look quite like it. Described in words, the tubing from the mouthpiece to the third valve is intertwined with the third valve tuning slide. The two attached photos should make this more clear. Can anyone shed some light on this type? Is it unusual? Does it have any historical value? The bell is marked Class A, which I assume meant it was a good instrument in its time. As of today, there are few dents, all of the slides work fine, and the valves don't stick. but there is no compression in the valves, and the tone is just fuzz, so it isn't worth playing. I wonder if its worth having a valve job performed on it.
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  14. Thought I would bounce this one around my new forum. Does anyone have any objective knowledge of or experience with Rampone Cazzani trumpets? Information, especially objective info is almost impossible to find. Regards Tom
  15. Welcome to the forum. What genre of music do you play?
  16. eBay would be a good place to get a feel for its value. Do a search for your model to see what's currently available, then scroll down the menu on the left side of the page until you get to the category "Show only", then click on "Sold Items". This will give you an idea what these trumpets actually have been selling for. Compare the condition to yours to the ones for sale and the ones sold, and you'll have a reasonable idea of how to market your horn.
  17. Jupiter was my first instrument. Now I play on Yamaha Bobby Shew. Think its best solution for my level.
  18. Hi all. Nice to be a part of this community!
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  20. I would post this question in the other trumpet forums. Trumpetboards. Com and trumpet herald. Com.
  21. Hi guys, for quite some time I've had a Bach Stradivarius trumpet which I no longer need and I am looking to sell. Can someone please give me some information about the value of this horn: Vincent Bach Stradivarius model 37,serial ML269464 I looked all over the Internet but couldn't find info about this particular model. Any info would be much appreciated.
  22. Hello all, I have a seemingly brass 1 valved york trumpet with a 676 serial number. I'd like to sell it. I've played brass for a long time but I have no idea of a fair asking price. It IS from Grand Rapids. Any ideas??
  23. As the saying goes, I have a small fortune, but it's more small than fortune. First I'll do what I can myself, then worry about what I can afford to have done.
  24. Sounds like very much fun. Have you thought about having the values professionally cleaned? The trumpet should clean up nicely, Getzen 700 trumpet Getzen 800 cornet Bach 1.5 C trumpet mp. Curry 1 C trumpet mp. Bach 2 C cornet mp. Getzen 5 C cornet mp. No name 7 C mp
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