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  2. The item was not a described. Did the seller indicate in the ad, that the valves could be switched and it they may work. He should take the trumpet back. You lose the cost of shipping back. He could resell it, hopefully after it is fixed. As a seller I do not like negative comments on ebay.
  3. Since you bought the trumpet on ebay, file a dispute against the seller on eBay. Keep all correspondence on eBay,then eBay has a record. EBay resolution center has been very helpful to me in the past.
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  5. After three soaking and leaving in the sink overnight, main slide is still stuck. Very clean trumpet
  6. Last week
  7. Hi! I recently bought a holton trumpet off eBay. It’s the same model as my first horn (so I realize I should know the answer) that I played steadily from 3rd grade til four years ago, give or take 20 years with that dude. anyway, i find this horn, buy it, and the moment I play it the air is blocked. I start looking at the valves and I realize the second and third are switched. Once I arranged them accordingly, the third valve wouldn’t stay screwed and the air quality is just not there. so, with all that said, I went to make a return claim on the horn. The seller became pretty accusatory, and aside from just his general shitty attitude about the return, mentioned that the second and third valve can be switched no problem and it will work fine. is this true? I’ve tried curating the right google search, but have had zero luck finding any info on the web. It doesn’t work when I switch them on this horn I bought, but I’d hate to be ignorant in my complaint. thoughts?
  8. Brought the trumpet inside and it looks very good. Gave it a bath and was able to free up everything but the main tuning slide. Have played it and sounds good. Like that the valve block and valves are numbered. Put it back in the sink for another bath. Hope to free up the main slide. Not a bad trumpet for the price.
  9. Sold this mouthpiece with my Getzen 700 trumpet.
  10. Tomorrow I will playing my newly purchased Lyle trumpet. It probably came with a 7 C, which I hate. Likely tomorrow the 7c will switch places with the Denis Wick mouthpiece.
  11. Waiting for the virus to go away and I will get the top braces fixed. Most cornet have at least four upper braces. Two to connect to valve block and one to the bell. After fixing either will keep or flip.
  12. Thank you Gendreauj. It sounds better than I had anticipated, I don't play it too much as I want it gone over with a chemical clean and the valves checked. I have no idea how long this had been neglected and under what conditions. So I feel it's best to be safe rather than do damage. I cleaned it by soaking it in a baking soda, water solution over night.( cruddy is the only way I can describe it's condition when I got it.) Followed by silver polish and attention to detail. I've been on Hornucopia and haven't had much luck with info. Some sites may post a photo or two, but specific info is not available. I don't know. Maybe origin, manufacturer, and such isn't all that necessary.
  13. Received the trumpet, due to the virus, I disfected package. Waiting a few days until I open the package.
  14. Have you looked at the Hornucopia website for information on this trumpet? Wondering if the bell was either replaced or put on at a later time. Also look at the Holton Loyalist website.
  15. Nice looking horn. How does it play. What you clean it with. Have you looked at the Hornucopia. Com website. There some listed on this website.
  16. Gendreauj

    WTB C Trumpet

    Have you bought your C trumpet yet?
  17. Guess my annoyance with an adjustable third slide ring superseded the enjoyment of this trumpet. Sold it, didn't play this trumpet much, preferred my Getzen 800 cornet.
  18. Expected day of arrival has changed to Friday. The mini spittoon has worked well.
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  20. Gendreauj

    WTB C Trumpet

    Have you looked at Carol Brass, you could buy a new one for under $800.00 dollars.
  21. Expected day of arrival for the Lyle trumpet is Wednesday April 1st. Also expecting a spittoon this week.
  22. Bought a Lyle student trumpet on shopgoodwill. Trumpet itself was $12.99. Total cost, shipping etc was $31.00. The first trumpet I owed was a Lyle trumpet. Curious how it sounds.
  23. Kept my Getzen 800 cornet, finally got used to the Amado keys. Did sell my Getzen 700 trumpet, I was not using it much and hated the adjustable third slide ring.
  24. Gendreauj

    WTB C Trumpet

    Welcome to the forum. I agree, don't waste your time buying less than a professional model. Are you buying new or used? f you stay mainstream, I would suggest Getzen, Yamaha, Bach or any of the other major brands. Have not played any of the custom brands or a C trumpet. What other website have you looked at? Austin Custom Brass has an excellent selection. Most of the newer professional trumpets have 1st slide ring and 3rd slide ring. Don't buy one without them. Waterkeys are generally Amado or traditional keys. Didn't like the Amado waterkeys at first, but I got used to them.
  25. leafylief

    WTB C Trumpet

    Hi fam. In light of the corona virus i'm interested in purchasing a C trumpet. I bought my trombone from tromboneforum.com from one of the guys there. I just posted what I was looking for and someone contacted me. It was a great purcchasing experience and I'm going to try to do it again. So i am a trombone player, and I'm interested in learning trumpet as well for a music project i"m starting. I've got a ncie King 3b trombone horn, for those of you unfamiliar it's professional grade. Even though I don't yet know how to play trumpet being a brass player I think i can skip the student horn phase. I'm looking for a trumpet in C. I can transpose, but I'd rather just not. I'm looking for a at least a mid grade trumpet. As far as sound...my trombone is very bright silver plated, so maybe a warm trumpet to round it out?
  26. Thank you. I want to get all my gear first. Right now I have other things that I have to take care of, but still can get the trumpet, oil, and cleaning kit.
  27. Welcome to the forum. When is your first lesson? Look in the forum under accessories for the valve oil topic. Personally I prefer synthetic oils. La Tromba 1 is my current favorite. Great price and works well.
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