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  1. carla

    Blue Juice?

    Thanks, will be cleaning my horn very well before using Blue Juice... Stay tuned, really good advice Gendreauj !
  2. carla

    Blue Juice?

    Have been using Al Cass FAST! valve oil for many years, but my local music store no longer carries it... Anyone use BleuJuice before? and how will react to the Al Cass valve oil? I've tried different valve oil with Al Cass before, and it "gunked up"... Any experiences?
  3. carla


  4. I've seen them posted on Facebook in the Trumpets group. Let us know how it works for us "normal" trumpet players vs. Zauss... (He'd sound amazing attaching anything to his trumpet . 🙂 )
  5. You'll like the Eterna II model. It's a step up from a Capri (student line trumpet), but not an Eterna (900 series). I don't think they mfg. the 700 series anymore, although I've seen college marching bands playing them. Let us know once you get it and play it. http://www.getzen.com/trumpet/700/
  6. carla

    B4 vs B4L

    Thanks Brad for sharing your experiences. I found a players with a B4L and will be trying it out shortly. Will post an update, after I try it out.
  7. Really cool video! Had no idea about the naming scheme used in the early Schilke mouthpieces...
  8. Wow, great list! Did not know there were so many mute options out there. Will be trying some of them out soon!
  9. carla

    B4 vs B4L

    Looking at a Schilke B4 and considering the B4L tuneable bell model... What have others experiences been between the std. model vs. tuning bell model? Do you notice a difference in the sound & responsiveness?
  10. Thanks, will be buying a Tom Crown to match others in our community band section... Thanks!
  11. Really like the vintage look on these. Will be heading to my local dealer to see if they have any on order. Really nice Horn!
  12. Dillon Music was incorporated in 1992 and has quickly become one of the foremost leaders in the music industry, but the history of the company dates back a great deal further than 1992, and includes much history in the United States. The "trumpet" room is awesome, along with their repair & restoration services.
  13. Been playing on the Humes/Berg stonelined mutes that I've been playing since high school. The mutes are starting to loose their corks (dried out), and before I decide to replace the corks, should I just consider getting a new straight/cup mute? Do others try to match the rest of the trumpet section mutes (in a local community band) or do their own thing? Curious what others do?
  14. I'm getting my kids trumpets tuned up for the fall semester and am wondering what the going rate is for a basic tune up, cleaning and very minor dent/ding removal? My local music stores are charging a wide range of prices from $55 to more than $150 for a professional type trumpet (Bach Strad.) What are others paying?
  15. I'm curious, as I have played a few mouthpieces over the years, how often or how much time you should give yourself to get used to a new mouthpiece before switching? When I try a new mouthpiece it sounds wonderful for the first few days, then I always seem to find the next few weeks to be difficult when its no longer creating the sound (fullness, tone, intonation) that I'm looking for... How long do others take when when changing to a new mouthpiece?
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