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    Won a bid on eBay for a Getzen 800 Eternal cornet. Does have a 1st slide thumb saddle and 3rd slide fixed ring. Starting to get used to the Amado water keys. Has anyone played the Getzen 800 cornet? Is it a vast improvement over the Capri cornet?
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    You'll love it! They sound great and are quite improved over the Capri model. Played one in concert band in high school and had a wonderful sound!
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    I also really liked the Olds Mendez trigger mechanism. Very efficient and easy to use. Wonder why other mfgs. never really copied/applied it...
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    Love those 3rd slide triggers...have them on a few of my horns,(recording/Besson 10/10 /BH international) wish I had one on my early 70's Strad, but got a first slide trigger instead..and hate it...never use it. Don't have or care for Amado style water keys. I do like first slide thumb rings like the old Kings have.
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