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  1. Bought a Lyle student trumpet on shopgoodwill. Trumpet itself was $12.99. Total cost, shipping etc was $31.00. The first trumpet I owed was a Lyle trumpet. Curious how it sounds.
  2. Kept my Getzen 800 cornet, finally got used to the Amado keys. Did sell my Getzen 700 trumpet, I was not using it much and hated the adjustable third slide ring.
  3. Gendreauj

    WTB C Trumpet

    Welcome to the forum. I agree, don't waste your time buying less than a professional model. Are you buying new or used? f you stay mainstream, I would suggest Getzen, Yamaha, Bach or any of the other major brands. Have not played any of the custom brands or a C trumpet. What other website have you looked at? Austin Custom Brass has an excellent selection. Most of the newer professional trumpets have 1st slide ring and 3rd slide ring. Don't buy one without them. Waterkeys are generally Amado or traditional keys. Didn't like the Amado waterkeys at first, but I got used to them.
  4. Welcome to the forum. When is your first lesson? Look in the forum under accessories for the valve oil topic. Personally I prefer synthetic oils. La Tromba 1 is my current favorite. Great price and works well.
  5. Gendreauj

    Valve oils

    I am a big fan of synthetic oils. Like La Tromba 1 valve oil. It works well for me and is a great price.
  6. So I like playing this cornet. But have to get both braces fixed. Surprisely only has two braces. On my getzen cornet, there are three braces. Get what you play for.
  7. Finding out I prefer playing the cornet over the trumpet. Also I liked the fixed third ring over the adjustable one. So I sold my Getzen 700 trumpet. For some reason, I prefer having two instruments over one. Bought the cornet off of Shopgoodwill for a total price of $145.32. Yesterday I received the Schiller Elite Pro rose colored cornet.Played it, after a through washing, oiling the Valves and greasing the slides. Surprising sounds pretty good. So far it seems to favor my 5 C mouthpiece. Other than one of the braces is unattached. Which is a easy fix, no other issues. I have owed other Chinese made cornets and this is better than most. It is comparable to a Smith Watkins cornet I previously had. One of the things I do not like on Chinese made horns is the lack of serial numbers or meaningless numbers. Until I win the lottery, can't afford a new instrument, so I will be happy with what I have. Has anyone else owed or played Schiller horns?
  8. Glad that you had the slide fixed. Surprisingly how some shops personnel acts.
  9. Welcome to the forum. What genre of music do you play?
  10. I would post this question in the other trumpet forums. Trumpetboards. Com and trumpet herald. Com.
  11. Sounds like very much fun. Have you thought about having the values professionally cleaned? The trumpet should clean up nicely, Getzen 700 trumpet Getzen 800 cornet Bach 1.5 C trumpet mp. Curry 1 C trumpet mp. Bach 2 C cornet mp. Getzen 5 C cornet mp. No name 7 C mp
  12. Please add Getzen to the equipment specific forums.
  13. Is it possible to have our equipment listed in our profile and automically listed in our posts.
  14. I am a big fan of dawn dish washing liquid andisopropyl alcohol to clean a trumpet. Make take a few baths Is there enough of the finish left or do to plan to make raw brass?
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