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  1. The trumpet was made by Bruno company. https://www.horn-u-copia.net/show.php?selby=+where+instrument%3D"Trumpet"+and+maker%3D"Bruno"
  2. Any suggestion on selling this mouthpiece on eBay? Just doesn't fit my sound.
  3. When I first got this trumpet, I thought it was mouthpiece sensitive. After playing with my three trumpet mouthpieces, found it was not. Yes I am enjoying this trumpet.
  4. Yes I did contact the previous owner. There is a lyre holder on this trumpet.
  5. Was wondering if there is a lyre holder on the bottom of the 3rd slide on the Getzen Eterna cornet. Don't have a lyre or push rod to figure out what this is. Yes I probably should contact the seller.
  6. I agree with the previous poster. Although I have owed many cornets/trumpets, have never owed an Indian made instruments. Also would suggest you not buy any inexpensive Chinese or unknown origin trumpets or cornets. All the Chinese student models and mouthpieces looked good but soon develop issues. I suspect your cornet will break down soon too. Have owed Holton, Buescher, Getzen, King cornets, Conn cornets , Yamaha cornets, Bach cornets. The lacquer wasn't always pretty but the valves were great and they played well. When you buy an instruments always think about resale value.
  7. Has anyone played a Curry Precision Reno, NV 1C Trumpet Mouthpiece? Won a bid on ebay for this mouthpiece. Wanted to have two trumpet mouthpieces.
  8. Gendreauj


    How do I delete a reply?
  9. Received the Getzen 800 cornet yesterday. Excellent shape, sounds great. So far, both mouthpieces work well .Like the modification on the 3rd slide, flipped the slide and placed a fixed slide on the top.
  10. A short shank mouthpiece like a Denis Wick cornet mouthpiece might be a good fit.
  11. Selling the Denis Wick 2 silver mouthpiece. Doesn't match the sound I am striving for. Looking at a 1 C mouthpiece. Has anyone else who played a Getzen 700 find it to be mouthpiece sensitive?
  12. Won a bid on eBay for a Getzen 800 Eternal cornet. Does have a 1st slide thumb saddle and 3rd slide fixed ring. Starting to get used to the Amado water keys. Has anyone played the Getzen 800 cornet? Is it a vast improvement over the Capri cornet?
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