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  • Birthday 02/04/1960
  • Location Selinsgrove, PA, USA

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    1955 Conn 22B Victor and 1988 Conn 34A
  • Mouthpiece
    Blessing 3C, Bach 1B, and Yamaha 8CA
  1. I use a Bach 1B on occasion and have been happy with it.
  2. I use Hetman #3 Synthetic on my '56 Conn Victor and am happy with its results.
  3. How do I find you on Ebay?
  4. I've heard good things about Getzen valves. Post some pics of it please.
  5. Doug

    Mute rack options

    I use a Hercules and like it
  6. Doug

    Blue Juice?

    I have "discovered" Hetman. Love their products.
  7. Doug


    Wow... how much condensation do you guys generate? I just use a rag...
  8. Wanna sell the 1 B Cornet MP?
  9. Any information on Cornet MP's would be appreciated... Are they similar to trumpet MP's?
  10. I have a KGU. Honestly didn't notice a big musical difference, but it looks cool in some settings(?) I have used it with many different size MP's so the 1B should work. (love my 1B BTW)
  11. I found a great 1988 Conn 34A Cornet in really good condition on Ebay. Took it to my LMS and after a chem clean and felts/corks replaced, it's a wonderful piece. Don't overlook used. Even the pieces Music Stores receive in trade are better than what I've heard about these cheap knock-offs.
  12. Good stuff, guess I'll weigh in here. I'm an older comeback player returning to my trumpet passion for my own amusement and musical interlude from life. That said my teacher recommended I switch from my Bach 7C to a 3C at our first meeting. I really didn't notice too much difference. After months on this setup I borrowed his Bach 1B; wow! I never really bought into the MP discussions before but this MP makes a difference for me. I've heard that, typically, 1B's are considered more "orchestra", but I noticed an easier play on both my above and below staff stuff. I've since purchased my own and use it consistently over a variety of music types. Looking forward now to the infamous 3 month time to see if there's a change.
  13. Doug

    1955 Conn "Victor"

    This is my go to, favorite practice, raw brass beauty.
  14. I did something I swore I'd never do; I just purchased a FAXX Aluminum Bubble online. It is a good comparison to the Jo Ral Bubble. The price was very much a part of the decision process. And, as I am "stuck at home", I figured, why not!
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