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  1. In a few months, I will start learning on a tenor sax. Haven't bought one yet, likely will buy from a local tech,independent store owner. Has anyone have experience with playing trumpet and doubling on sax.
  2. Sounds was OK. Thought it had a flat sound. Tried different mouthpieces, have slide out further. Still wasn't happy with the sound. Brought to a lesson, teacher verified it was flat. Sold the trumpet on ebay. Finally bought two Getzen professional trumpets. Renaissance and a Canadian Brass trumpet. Decided to keep the Canadian Brass trumpet, easier to play, likes different mouthpieces. Made a profit on selling the renaissance.
  3. Looking for a current cornet blog. It can be American, Canadian, Irish,Welsh, Scottish or British.
  4. Couldn't find copper top and bottoms cap in the price point I wanted from USA supplier. So I did a best price on a copper trim kit from KGU from Ukraine.
  5. Looking for raw brass lightweight top and bottom caps for my Getzen Canadian Brass trumpet. Received top and bottom caps from Edwards Instruments Company today. They fit my Getzen cornet but not the trumpet. Want to buy from a North American supplier.
  6. Found out I like the Bach megatone mouthpieces better than the Wick Heavytop mouthpieces. Selling the Wick 1.5, 4 X trumpet mouthpieces on ebay. The Wick Heavytop 3 C is including with the Getzen Renaissance trumpet. Since I bought a professional trumpet, noticed I like the Bach megatone 5 B, 5 C mouthpieces. The Canadian Brass trumpet was provided with a 3 megatone clone mouthpiece. Also like the Bach megatone 5 B, Wick Heavytop 4 C and Bach standard 5 C mouthpiece. Selling the Jupiter 520 M cornet. Included are two Bach 3 C mouthpiece and a standard Jupiter 7 C.
  7. Since I bought Getzen professional trumpets, I have changed my mouthpieces. No longer like the 1.5 C or the 3C mouthpieces. Did receive a 3 trumpet canadian brass mouthpiece, very similar to a Bach megatone. Playing Wick Heavytop 4 X, Bach megatone 5B, 4 B mouthpieces.
  8. Thanks. I ordered hetman black label. Since I have playing more, the light valve oil doesn't last long.
  9. Have been using Latromba #1 valve oil on all my horns. Want a thicker oil for my trumpet. Looking at an odor less synthetic valve oil. One that doesn't leave a yellow residue. Thanks.
  10. Very expressive horn, brighter sounded to me than the renaissance trumpet. The mouthpiece provided is a Canadian Brass 3 megatone mouthpiece, works well. Obviously made by Bach. It will be hard to sell this trumpet, not very well known. A seller on ebay was unable to sell it the first time around, so had to relist it. Due to the pandemic I am not working my part time job. Have to sell the Getzen Renaissance trumpet to pay down my PayPal bill.
  11. Received the Getzen Canadian Brass trumpet today. It is in excellent shape.Looks almost new, previous owner took care of it.Gave the trumpet and mouthpiece a bath. Cleaned the slides and it will take a few more baths to get as clean as I want. Let the trumpet air day. Then reassemble it, oiled valves, greased the slides. The trumpet is excellent in all ranges, likes all of mouthpieces. Brighter than I am used to, but I can live with it.
  12. Gendreauj or jondrowjf 2000 Getzen Renaissance trumpet. Listed today.
  13. Since I bought the Getzen Canadian Brass trumpet, will be selling the Getzen Renaissance trumpet. Including four trumpet mouthpieces : Wick Heavytop 1.5 C, 3 C. Wick standard 2 W and a unmarked 7 C. Also throwing in an unopened stand. The auction starts September 22nd.
  14. Received the Bach 5 B megatone trumpet mouthpiece it complaints my Bach 5 B cornet mouthpiece. Loving the sound of a V type mouthpieces.
  15. I will post photos as soon as I can. This will be eleventh Getzen horn I have owed. Quality of their horns are excellent. I have owed many brands /models of trumpets, only one valves were bad, due to previous owners DYI. Like the valve setup with the springs in the middle, number engraved on side of valves. Looking forward to playing this horn and selling my other one. Trying to find a decent not expensive gold trim kit.
  16. Bought a Getzen Brass trumpet for $530.00 dollars off ebay. It is a professional trumpet made a limited time by Getzen. Had only one rival bidder, so I payed $30.00 dollars more than I wanted. After receiving the new trumpet, I will sell the Getzen Renaissance trumpet. Should have the trumpet this week. Has anyone played this trumpet?
  17. So I sold the Schiller professional cornet for a best price on ebay. Was offered a $100.00 dollars, decided it wasn't worth it to haggle. The tech fixed the seams and any other issues. Got it off my hands, and someone can enjoy playing it.
  18. Tw😙 of the trumpets I am looking to buy are the Yamaha 6335 trumpet or the Yamaha 6345 trumpet. Has anyone played one or both of these trumpets? Is there a big sound difference between the 6345 large bore and 6335 trumpet? I would do solo work on the trumpet.
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