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Hello from Atlanta!


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I'm from the greater Atlanta area, and have been playing trumpet for more than 35 years now.  My husband is a trumpet geek and I enjoy playing the trumpet also.  In fact all three of our kids also play trumpet - 2 in college bands and 1 just starting college.

I've been playing a Bach Stradivarius all this time and while I'm not constantly changing my equipment, I am interesting in learning more about others experiences with their trumpets and what other equipment choices they are making.

Looking forward to contributing here on the forum!

- Carla

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There's an old saying in the West. "Beware the man with one gun, because he's learned to use it really well."
You're apparently someone who tries to improve yourself rather than your gear, so I expect you've had better success than people who try to get the newest equipment to do the improvement for them.

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