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Choosing student trumpet


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Hello everyone,

I would like to throw a question here and get some opinions on the instruments I have listed below. I have been told that these are inexpensive student trumpets, but so far I have not found any reliable reviews. I am new to the instrument and in my country these five are quite inexpensive. I would be especially happy if someone has the knowledge about the playability, resistance and overall functionality of these trumpets.

Thank you in advance!


Roy Benson TR 202
John Packer JP051
SML Paris TP300

SML Paris TP500


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Welcome to the forum. 

Of the two student trumpets you listed, I have only heard of the Roy Benson and JP Packer.  Have only played a JP Packer cornet. 

Believe all the trumpets are made in China. Quality control is not consistent. I have owed a few and I sold most of them for parts

Wouldn't recommend  any of these trumpets.  

If you can't afford new. Buy a used trumpet from the following companies: Yamaha, Bach, Getzen, Selmer, Conn, King. 








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Bought a Chinese made Schiller rose colored cornet a few months ago. Was curious about this brand. Got it for a decent price, since brace was disconnected. It does look good and plays well. So I put a rubber band on the brace. After playing a few times, the other brace came loose. Add another rubber band. Played it again, then the seam came loose on the bottom of the Cornet. So I will have to have all the seams resoldered. Probably will cost me at least half of what I played for the cornet. Quality of most of the nonbrand name Chinese made instruments is awful. 



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I found a great 1988 Conn 34A Cornet in really good condition on Ebay. Took it to my LMS and after a chem clean and felts/corks replaced, it's a wonderful piece. Don't overlook used. Even the pieces Music Stores receive in trade are better than what I've heard about these cheap knock-offs.

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