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cornet sizes

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hello.........an older fellow i am, and went and purchased a cheap cornet from india to try, and see if i wanted to get serious and buy a decent one.......no idea what the mouthpiece that came with it is....purchased a blessing 5c mouthpiece but had to return it cause it was too small.....the mouthpiece receiver  is 11mm in dia. id..and the end of the shank on the blessing was only 8mm od.......

any idea if mouthpieces are available for this cornet?.....just noticed this form is not that active so i'm not holding my breath 😀...cheers, vic

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A used cornet can be found that will play better than any new one from India, as the Indian ones have the reputation of being not from the bottom of the barrel, but rather the dirt and scum under the barrel, figuratively speaking.  The one that you purchased has the potential to unfairly discourage you from pursuing your interest in playing.  You'd be better served by trying something like an Olds Ambassador, a Selmer Bundy, a King 6XX series, or a Conn Director, among others, like student models from Buescher and Holton.  These are all time-proven durable and reliable starter horns in a similar price range that enable students to learn the basics and then move on to more sophisticated instruments.  In addition, any of these horns can be resold at a price similar to what you paid, whereas some might consider reselling an Indian brass instrument to be as unethical as selling a new one.

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I agree with the previous poster. Although I have owed many cornets/trumpets, have never owed an Indian made instruments. Also would suggest you not buy any inexpensive Chinese or unknown origin trumpets or cornets. All the Chinese student models and mouthpieces looked good but soon develop issues. I suspect your cornet will break down soon too.

Have owed Holton, Buescher, Getzen, King cornets, Conn cornets , Yamaha cornets, Bach cornets. The lacquer wasn't always pretty but the valves were great and they played well.

When you buy an instruments always think about resale value.

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