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Any insight about this Cornet marked as The Diplomat?

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Would anyone have some information about this cornet? The bell is stamped with "The Diplomat Johnson-Hoffman San Diego Cal.". The 2nd valve casing is stamped with "7786".  Any knowledge is greatly appreciated, thank you very much.  




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No, other than the 3rd slide being upside down. Looks in great shape, beautiful patina. Couldn't find any information on Hornucupia. Does it have a fixed 3rd slide ring? Could you take a photo of the valves? How does it play? 

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Thanks for the response.
This horn has a under-slung third valve slide ring, you can verify its in the correct potion by noting the spit release valve being in the correct direction on the same slide.  
The horn is in stellar condition, the valves are smooth and quiet, all slides are easily movable, and the body has nearly no damage. Its sound it full and pleasant.

I haven't been able to locate any information about this cornets origins. 






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So you did determine cornet is a Harry Pedlar stencil. Saw your on inquiry on reddit. The valves look in great shape.What valve oil do you use? 

If you haven't cleaned the cornet, be very careful with the finish. Gave any older cornet a warm bath, and the finish came off. So made it a raw brass cornet. 



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Use isopropyl alcohol with a microfiber towel to clean your valves. Use qtips soaked in the alcohol on the holes in the valves, bottom caps and top caps. 

Soak your valve brush in alcohol and clean interior of the valve block. Then use the snake to clean leadpipe. Clean other areas as needed. 

Use isopropyl alcohol or silicone wipes to clean the exterior of the cornet. 

May  need  to soak the cornet and the removed slides in the sink. Don't place valves in the water. A lot of hassle to take off corks and felts. I place a towel in the bottom. Use warm water, dawn dish soap to cover it. After a few hours, rinse it off. To remove old slide grease on the slides, I use SOS pads. (some people use alcohol). Use brushes on interior of Cornet. 

After cleaning, on the older instruments, the lacquer may come off. It at least changes the color of the patina. 

Had a few that smelled so bad, no choice but to remove the lacquer. So made them raw brass. Used silicone wipes to have a finish. My hands are not acidic. So my hands didn't turn green.

Enjoy your cornet. What size is the mouthpiece? 



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