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Denis Wick Heavytop mp vs Bach Megatop mp


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Curious about what your experiences were with using the Denis Wick Heavy top trumpet mouthpiece and or the Bach Megatone trumpet mouthpieces. Is there a major difference between these two mouthpieces? What are the benefits of using over a traditional mouthpiece? I use either a Denis Wick 3 C gold plated mouthpiece and a Yamaha 14 E trumpet mouthpiece. Recently bought a Yamaha 431 T trumpet and considering a new mouthpiece.

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My experiences have been mixed when using a heavy top / heavy blank trumpet mouthpieces.  I've played Bach Megatone mouthpieces before and had good results on my Bach Strad 43* - helped focus my upper register and did improve some of the overtones/color of the sound in the mid-register.  I've also played other brands of heavy blank mouthpiece on my Bach and did not have quite the same effect on my Bach than the Megatone - but when playing on my Getzen is worked great!  I think in that case, it was related to the "gap" of the leadpipe receiver to the mouthpeice.

I would suggest you try them out on your specific trumpet, to see what you experience.  Borrow one from a friend, or buy from a shop that has a good return policy (Mouthpeice Express).

Hope this helps, let's see what others think here in the forum -

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As of yesterday I am the owner of three Denis Wick Heavytop trumpet mouthpieces. Have  Denis Wick Heavytop trumpet mouthpieces in 1.5, 3 C, 4X, generic 3 C megatone and soon a Bach 5 C megatone mouthpiece. Selling the 1.5 and the generic 3 C mouthpieces. Didn't like the sound of the 1.5 mouthpiece in the higher register. Feel the 3 C has a more full and well rounded sound. 


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Found out I like the Bach megatone mouthpieces better than the Wick Heavytop mouthpieces. Selling the Wick 1.5, 4 X trumpet mouthpieces on ebay. 

The Wick Heavytop 3 C is including with the Getzen Renaissance trumpet. 

Since I bought a professional trumpet, noticed I like the Bach megatone 5 B, 5 C mouthpieces.

The Canadian Brass trumpet was provided with a 3 megatone clone mouthpiece. 

Also like the Bach megatone 5 B, Wick Heavytop 4 C and Bach standard 5 C mouthpiece. 

Selling the Jupiter 520 M cornet. Included are two Bach 3 C mouthpiece and a standard Jupiter 7 C. 


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