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Bach 72*


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I played a Bach 72* lightweight Stradivarius in high school and really liked the sound & range I could get with the trumpet.  However, now when I play the trumpet (after college) the sound is more "thin" and sometimes "sharp" that I remember playing on this trumpet.

What mouthpiece do others use with lightweight trumpets, such as the Bach 72*?

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Carter, which mouthpiece are you using now?  Is it the same one you used before?  Have you been playing since you stopped using the 72*, or did you stop for a while and resume playing recently?  Are you hearing your trumpet in the same space/surroundings as before?  Are you playing it the same way as you used to?  Are there problems with your technique of which you are not aware?

The 72* has a brighter sound than a standard weight 72, plus it sounds darker behind the horn than it does in front of it.  The 72* is a very versatile, flexible horn; you can create a variety of sounds, from full and dark to sizzling.  If I wanted a less "thin" sound, I'd try a slightly deeper mouthpiece, BUT this would be after I exhausted all other possibilities.  A different mouthpiece at the entrance to the trumpet will not solve problems, weaknesses, techniques, nor deficiencies behind the horn.

FWIW - When I first had my 72*, I was using a Bach 5C, and my teacher at the time and I tried to get me to overcome a difficulty I was having with attacks; I never could get them clean enough.  I must have spent over a year and a half trying to get my attacks perfect.  At the time, I kept hearing that many players were getting good results with a 3C and its variants, so I tried one... problem solved instantly and permanently!  It obviously fit my embouchure better than the 5C did.  YMMV.

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Thanks for the note, I was playing during college and was using a 12A4A (shallow) on a school provided Getzen Eterna II, but now switching back to the Bach.  Right now playing with a variety of mouthpieces, including a 5C again...  It's been a while and even on the 5C it's taking me a while to get used to it (after 5 years of playing college marching band).

Thanks, will look into trying out a 3C in the next weeks!

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