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  1. Carter

    Callet Jazz NY

    Anyone play of these? I have one I played in high school and considering having it refurbished... Great horn,m but it needs a lot of work (dents, valve issues) to get it playing again well... Any others have a Callet?
  2. Carter


  3. Carter

    Bach 72*

    Thanks for the note, I was playing during college and was using a 12A4A (shallow) on a school provided Getzen Eterna II, but now switching back to the Bach. Right now playing with a variety of mouthpieces, including a 5C again... It's been a while and even on the 5C it's taking me a while to get used to it (after 5 years of playing college marching band). Thanks, will look into trying out a 3C in the next weeks!
  4. Awesome resources, easier than searching through "google"...
  5. Carter

    Bach 72*

    I played a Bach 72* lightweight Stradivarius in high school and really liked the sound & range I could get with the trumpet. However, now when I play the trumpet (after college) the sound is more "thin" and sometimes "sharp" that I remember playing on this trumpet. What mouthpiece do others use with lightweight trumpets, such as the Bach 72*?
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