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  1. You'll love it! They sound great and are quite improved over the Capri model. Played one in concert band in high school and had a wonderful sound!
  2. allen


  3. Thanks, it is SO easy to add images on TrumpetForum.com! (I have tried so many times on TrumpetHerald to add images and never have really figured it out by having to post on free image sites, then post a hyperlink to the photo. Really not easy for a discussion forum in 2019).
  4. Great to see you on TrumpetForum, I have used your BachLoyalist.com website for many years now.
  5. I like the 3rd triggers that were on the Olds Mendez trumpets. Really simple and effective solution for the 3rd slide.
  6. A few years ago at an ITG conference I played the ZO 1601 model that Jupiter worked with Roger Ingram on. It played great and the quality was perfection. I've not played the XO1602, but assuming it is also as a good of a trumpet. I think when Jupiter trumpets first came to the US, they were focused on student level trumpets with a student level type of quality. They are mfg. in Taiwan (assume China) now by KHS, and assume the early experiences of those student model trumpets have damaged the brand as a professional series trumpet. That said, I think the Jupiter XO series has started to change that experience. What are others experiences?
  7. Thanks for creating forum for those who have been misplaced since TrumpetMaster.com has shut down earlier this year. While not as much activity as other forums, I appreciate the focus on just trumpet instrument. Much appreciated! Keep up the great work! Your forum is very easier to use, much better than other existing forums out there - easy to add photos, video links, posts and "likes"... Awesome!
  8. Was playing a gig this week, and kept knocking over my mutes on the floor... What mute rack options are others using? Some attach to the stand, some separate, ... Any suggestions out there?
  9. Good overview of basic brass instrument repairs from Minnesota State Southeastern Tech @ Redwing shared during NAPBIRT 2019 held in Atlanta, GA
  10. After watching the Bach video, I thought members would like to see how Yamaha trumpets are manufactured.
  11. Sometimes in the Directory section, the google maps map does not show properly. Worth checking into during your next site revision.
  12. I’ve seen and played an Apollo bugle a few years ago, but there are not many of them out there that have survived. Josh Landress had a “sister” of my Apollo trumpets within a few serial numbers. Surprised how well it looked for a trumpet from the mid 1920s.
  13. allen

    Bach 72*

    I use a GR65M and sounds great on 72* and 43* Bach trumpets. Try a different mouthpiece!
  14. That’s really cool advertisement from Vincent Bach before he was producing his own trumpet line that we all know today! Later in the 50’s he complained about how the quality had dropped in the 1920s. He filled a need with the Stradivarius and used a lot of innovative marketing practices to promote his trumpets and mouthpieces!
  15. Great photos to see. So great to see BAC buy the tooling and to bring it to life for the next generations. Really amazing how much skill is required to build a great trumpet! Awesome photos!
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