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  1. allen

    Bach 72*

    I use a GR65M and sounds great on 72* and 43* Bach trumpets. Try a different mouthpiece!
  2. That’s really cool advertisement from Vincent Bach before he was producing his own trumpet line that we all know today! Later in the 50’s he complained about how the quality had dropped in the 1920s. He filled a need with the Stradivarius and used a lot of innovative marketing practices to promote his trumpets and mouthpieces!
  3. Great photos to see. So great to see BAC buy the tooling and to bring it to life for the next generations. Really amazing how much skill is required to build a great trumpet! Awesome photos!
  4. In our area, music stores charge about $60 for student level trumpet chemwash and general maintenance update. They also remove minor dents when they see them in that same amount.
  5. You should experiment with a mouthpiece with different cup depths. I have found with new Yamaha trumpets that the mouthpiece can play an important part in the sound. I would find a similar to a Bach 5C as a baseline and see if that helps.
  6. The Yamaha trumpets that are 3 digits are the earlier versions of the 4 digital model numbers. The three digit models ie 431, 631 etc are from the 70s- early 80s I believe. Good trumpets, buy Yamaha has continued to improve (and reduce costs) of the current models including 2320, 4000 series, 6000 series. how does it play?
  7. Welcome. I also have a Getzen they are great trumpets and there valves really hold up over time.
  8. During my searching on harmon mutes, I ran across the brief summary that a student did as a summer project as part of his physics coursework. I was intrigued by his conclusion of large denting of Harmon mutes and the effect on the sound when using that mute. Curious, as my old Harmon mute is quite banged up... The Acoustics of Harmon Mutes Zach Armstrong, Rand Worland Department of Physics, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA https://soundideas.pugetsound.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1474&context=summer_research
  9. Curious what others are playing for a "Harmon Mute" type of sound. I've seen a lot of the Joral Bubble mutes out there - but curious what other alternatives exist out there? I've heard others talk about the mutes from BestBrass, but have never played one. What Harmon-sounding mutes are others playing?
  10. How’s does it play? Looks like it is in really good condition.
  11. I’ve seen a few in the past few years. Josh Landress Brass has a few, including a trombone version mfgs by Rappuno the manufacturer. Dont see many of these out there...
  12. LOTUS Trumpets are simply easier to play. They offer you an incredible sound, amazing accuracy and the security to take greater risks. Enjoy a stronger sense of confidence and have more fun playing than ever before.
  13. Adams Musical Instruments was and is a true family business. Besides typical characteristics of such family business as creativity, growth, orientation, adaptability, future focus and self-determination, maybe the most important is the warm family feeling which comes with it. Our customers, artists and staff are all part of the Adams Family.
  14. Yamaha USA trumpets
  15. Great photos, I did not realize they pressure (hydroformed) the bells to the preshape. Wonder if they also do that for their King trumpets mfg. in Eastlake, Ohio.
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