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Stradivarius Model 184 Elkhart IN USA

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Hi, I'm hoping for some guidance.

Ive recently found my old cornet up the attic and keen to know its worth as i no longer need it, and it (along with the box) is in brilliant condition

Its a Model 184

Elkhart IN USA


If someone could let me know that would be great 

Much appreciated 

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Could you provide a photo? Have you look up the serial number of the Cornet to find the age? Go to ebay, type in Bach 184, look at left side of screen for sold price. 

Before selling, clean the Cornet. Place towel on bottom of sink. Take out all the pieces and soak in a sink. Everything but felt and top caps. Use warm water and dawn dish detergent. Soak for a few hours. Rinse the Cornet off, use brushes soak in isopropyl alcohol on mouthpiece, valve block, valve holes( use qtips) top and bottom caps(qtips too). I use SOS pads to clean slide grease residue on slides. Your choice. 

The Bach 184 Cornet should be a desirable model. 





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