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Holton, question concerning valves

Candace D.

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Hi! I recently bought a holton trumpet off eBay. It’s the same model as my first horn (so I realize I should know the answer) that I played steadily from 3rd grade til four years ago, give or take 20 years with that dude.

anyway, i find this horn, buy it, and the moment I play it the air is blocked. I start looking at the valves and I realize the second and third are switched.  Once I arranged them accordingly, the third valve wouldn’t stay screwed and the air quality is just not there.

so, with all that said, I went to make a return claim on the horn. The seller became pretty accusatory, and aside from just his general shitty attitude about the return, mentioned that the second and third valve can be switched no problem and it will work fine.

is this true? I’ve tried curating the right google search, but have had zero luck finding any info on the web. It doesn’t work when I switch them on this horn I bought, but I’d hate to be ignorant in my complaint. 


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Since you bought the trumpet on ebay, file a dispute against the seller on eBay. Keep all correspondence on eBay,then eBay has a record. EBay resolution center has been very helpful to me in the past. 



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The item was not a described. Did the seller indicate in the ad, that the valves could be switched and it they may work. He should take the trumpet back. You lose the cost of shipping back. He could resell it, hopefully after it is fixed. As a seller I do not like negative comments on ebay. 


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