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WTB C Trumpet


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Hi fam.

In light of the corona virus i'm interested in purchasing a C trumpet. I bought my trombone from tromboneforum.com from one of the guys there. I just posted what I was looking for and someone contacted me. It was a great purcchasing experience and I'm going to try to do it again.

So i am a trombone player, and I'm interested in learning trumpet as well for a music project i"m starting. I've got a ncie King 3b trombone horn, for those of you unfamiliar it's professional grade. Even though I don't yet know how to play trumpet being a brass player I think i can skip the student horn phase.

I'm looking for a trumpet in C. I can transpose, but I'd rather just not. I'm looking for a at least a mid grade trumpet. As far as sound...my trombone is very bright silver plated, so maybe a warm trumpet to round it out? 

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Welcome to the forum. I agree, don't waste your time buying less than a professional model.

Are you buying new or used? f you stay mainstream, I would suggest Getzen, Yamaha, Bach or any of the other major brands. 

Have not played any of the custom brands or a C trumpet. 

What other website have you looked at? Austin Custom Brass has an excellent selection. 

Most of the newer professional trumpets have 1st slide ring and 3rd slide ring. Don't buy one without them. 

Waterkeys are generally Amado or traditional keys. Didn't like the Amado waterkeys at first, but I got used to them. 









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