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Who made the Royal Artist?

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I spent $49 after shipping and got this old trumpet marked "Royal Artist" from Bruno, New York. I suspect it was a stencil instrument.
I was hoping I could find more information on it, like the original manufacturer and what not.
It's in Bb, with an auxiliary valve to drop the tuning to A. I haven't seen this pattern before 1905 or after 1936, so that gives me a window. I'm guessing early '30s.
It's a top spring design, so the missing lower valve cap is a nuisance more than a problem.
It's had a "bit of a life", and needs a lot of work. I had to extract the mouthpiece and free the slides, the valves will need a lot of polishing before they work properly and it will have to enjoy its custom Arte Destro styling around the bell, because that looks expensive to fix.

I got pictures of the valves and bracing to see if anyone recognizes it.

You'll notice that the previous owner went the extra cost and used genuine JB Weld to reattach the leadtube brace that got knocked off.






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3 hours ago, Gendreauj said:

Like the flower design. It will look nice when cleaned up. After it is fixed, wonder how it will sound and play. 

Hopefully better than it does now.

Compared to my cornet, it's stuffy and uncertain. I'll be cleaning the valves some more this weekend.

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Dish washing liquid and alcohol are good friends of mine.
The seller said the finish might be silver plating, and it does look as much like silver as brass. I';ll have to get some metal polish and find out what's under the tarnish.
If the valves are beyond salvage (always a possibility) there's also the idea of getting a propane torch and annealing the bell and straightening it as best I can. If the valves clean up and it sounds decent, I probably would rather not risk making things worse before I take it in to the shop.

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Sounds like very much fun. Have you thought about  having the values professionally cleaned?  The trumpet should clean up nicely,


Getzen 700 trumpet

Getzen 800 cornet

Bach 1.5 C trumpet mp.

Curry 1 C trumpet mp.

Bach 2 C cornet mp.

Getzen 5 C cornet mp.

No name 7 C mp


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