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Value of a Bach trumpet


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Hi guys, for quite some time I've had a Bach Stradivarius trumpet which I no longer need and I am looking to sell. Can someone please give me some information about the value of this horn:

Vincent Bach Stradivarius model 37,serial ML269464


I looked all over the Internet but couldn't find info about this particular model. Any info would be much appreciated. 

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eBay would be a good place to get a feel for its value.  Do a search for your model to see what's currently available, then scroll down the menu on the left side of the page until you get to the category "Show only", then click on "Sold Items".  This will give you an idea what these trumpets actually have been selling for.  Compare the condition to yours to the ones for sale and the ones sold, and you'll have a reasonable idea of how to market your horn.

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According to Bach's website, the serial number put it between 1985 and 1990, but closer to 1985.    A model 180 with the #37 bell like yours is very common and the older horns are in demand.   Like J. Jericho says, Ebay is a good place also trumpetheralds marketplace.    The value is based on the condition of the finish, damage to the horn, has it been regularly cleaned etc.   Good luck selling it.

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