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  1. According to Bach's website, the serial number put it between 1985 and 1990, but closer to 1985. A model 180 with the #37 bell like yours is very common and the older horns are in demand. Like J. Jericho says, Ebay is a good place also trumpetheralds marketplace. The value is based on the condition of the finish, damage to the horn, has it been regularly cleaned etc. Good luck selling it.
  2. Hi Maggie, Sorry to hear about your vintage Bach Stradivarius. I had plenty of issues with mine (1972 model 180 with #37 bell) and ended up sending it to Charlies brass works. He completely reconditioned it, replaced the leadpipe (broken because of a stuck mouthpiece), broken brace (between the leadpipe and bell) and a nasty dent in the bell from dropping it. It plays better than new. Here's a picture of it that a friend posted: My Bach Stradivarius- all shiny Here's a link to Charlie's. E-mail him with a picture of what's going on and ask his opinion. http://www.charliesbrassworks.com/index.php Best of luck !!
  3. I'm there with you Carla. I swapped mouthpieces a lot early in my playing. Started with a 7C because that's what the band director said to get. When I wanted to change after 2 years, I tried a 5C, then 1 1/2C, Shilke 11, Shilke 14A4A, Shilke 13A4, eventually landing on a Shilke 14A4. I swapped like every month thinking that was more than enough time to adjust. When you make small adjustments (like Shilke 14A4A, Shilke 13A4) you can move pretty quickly. Bigger changes you'll want to give your embouchure time to adjust. Of course now I'm thinking of playing around with Wick mouthpieces as I have one on my flugelhorn. If I may, could you help me understand what gear you have now ? How long have you been playing, what mouthpiece are you on now ? And most importantly, what trumpet are you playing (model and bore size) ? Here's a mouthpiece guide I found if it helps: https://trumpet.biz/trumpet-mouthpieces/trumpet-mouthpiece-guide/
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