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17 hours ago, admin said:

Great looking Recording.  I've never played one before, how do they sound?  Does the unique balanced design make a big difference in the playing/projection?

I played one a long time ago, and I owned one for a short period of time more recently. 

Olds always valued the appearance of all their instruments, and the Recording's looks are seductive.

They sound pretty much any way you want them to sound. They're flexible and responsive.  You want bright?  Play it bright.  You want dark and smoky?  Play it dark and smoky.  You can bend notes when you want.  They enable you to play the way you want.

The forward design of the valve block is unusual, but not unique; The Selmer Paris Balanced Trumpet had the same configuration.  As for projection, they'll do just fine, but I would think that a heavier trumpet might project better, depending upon a host of other design considerations.  

Most people that own them love them, and I can understand that they are a good match for many players.  They are tremendous horns. 

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