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Old Boosey and Company Cornet

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I have an old Boosey and Company cornet. Based on the serial number it would be circa 1899. The tubing wrap seems  unique. I haven't found any photos of old Boosey cornets that look quite like it. Described in words, the tubing from the mouthpiece to the third valve is intertwined with the third valve tuning slide. The two attached photos should make this more clear.


Can anyone shed some light on this type? Is it unusual? Does it have any historical value? The bell is marked Class A, which I assume meant it was a good instrument in its time.


As of today, there are few dents, all of the slides work fine, and the valves don't stick. but there is no compression in the valves, and the tone is just fuzz, so it isn't worth playing. I wonder if its worth having a valve job performed on it.





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Here's a little bit of progress. As I kept looking for relevant pictures, just a few minutes ago I found a photo of a cornet that looks like the photos I posted here. Here is the link.


https://www.trumpet-history.com/Virtual Museum.htm


It is the one with the caption that looks like this:


"Boosey & Co. Bb/A cornet in the style of Henry Diston - still carries Eagle bell crest, 1886"

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