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Rampone and Cazzani trumpet


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Hi Tom,

Rampone e Cazzani is an Italian old manifacture specialized in woodwinds (their saxes and clarinets have a quite good reputation). As for my information they made only trumpets student grade. Honest trumpets but nothing at all. I'm talking about the period 1960-1999. Maybe before '50 they made some pro models but it's only a personal opinion because i've got no evidence at all. After 2000 (i don't know exactly when) they should close the brass instruments lines.

Usually You can find a R&C trumpet in the market for 100-200 Eur.

In italians trumpet forums, usually players that used R&C trumpet talk about that with benevolent irony (hope should be clear the meaning since is an italian expression).

Anyway, the R&C is steel active and maybe You can contact them to get correct informations about their products of the present and the past.

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