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    Bach Stradivarius https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCm3BQBqys-Hd3ukkPhFjOnA
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  1. Garytsheehan

    Uprgrade question

    https://www.divitt-trumpets.com These seem like decent, reasonably priced trumpets. Made in Canada. I live here, so I'm probably biassed.
  2. First student horn I got was a Jupiter. I compared it to a king, Bach, and Yamaha student model at the time, and picked it cause I liked it best of the 3. Nothing wrong with a Jupiter horn. I would assume they have good pro horns too!
  3. It is a deeper and darker sounding mouthpiece. My go to mouthpiece is Yamaha 14b4 which is basically equivalent to a Bach 3c. I used to play a 5b Bach mouthpiece back in high school, and I loved the darker sound I got in the low end of the instrument range. However, I needed to go back to a C cup for the higher range material I was playing in university. But man oh man do I love the darker sound, i'm tempted to go to a 3b. Great purchase man!
  4. Thank you. I'm playing a Yamaha 14b4.
  5. It's actually a trumpet. Check it out in this video I made. I love my trumpet. It sounds pretty great. Fanfare in the Wind
  6. Interesting stuff about the cornets. I'd love to try the Schiller. Hopefully after the virus I can go to some music stores and check one out.
  7. I play a Bach Strad ML180. I would say it's a good all around horn for most, and does the job. It's nice for getting the classical sound I want. I wish it had a water key for the 3rd valve slide, although the added metal might reduce resonance slightly. It's a standard horn. My friend just bought a Shilke that I tried and it felt fantastic, but would be a costly upgrade from my horn.
  8. I personally prefer Harmon branded Harmon mutes. I also think the dents add character!
  9. Garytsheehan


  10. I am a music educator from Toronto, Ontario. I started making YouTube videos in May 2020. Checkout my Channel Brahms Lullaby Fanfare in the Wind If you enjoyed don't forget to subscribe! Gary Sheehan
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