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  1. I replied back to your other post in Vintage instruments. Find another repair shop. Ask your son's band director who else he would recommend that does brass repairs... Hope that helps!
  2. Agree with J. Jericho... Slides that are stuck can be removed, but need to find a repair shop that has a good brass repairman... While solder joints can break if pulled too hard, that is not metal fatigue of the actual tubing and can easily be fixed during the repair process. I'd take to another local music store...
  3. BachLoyalist


  4. The TR700 series is an intermediate level Bach trumpet, mfg. overseas (not in the USA). The marking should be on the mouthpipe/leadpipe end where the mouthpiece goes. Let us know how it plays...
  5. Thought your members would like to watch a video of how Bach Stradivarius trumpet are manufactured.
  6. I had shared in another thread some photos from Bachfest 2018, and thought others would like to see them also. Amazed by the craftspersons that build these trumpets everyday. Also was interesting to see what "unique" things they do differently than other trumpet mfgs. Will be great if they hold another BachFest in 2020! Let's see...
    Great resource for Bach loyalists.
  7. Thanks for sharing the iink to BachLoyalist.com. It is truly a labour of work for a group of fellow Bach loyalists. If anyone finds some thing interesting, please share with our FB group. https://www.facebook.com/bachloyalist/
  8. Did you know in 1920, that Vincent Bach sold a French Besson model that was built for him? This was 5 years before he started to mfg. his own trumpets. French Besson Trumpet "The Queen of all trumpets, special made for Vincent Bach. The greatest symphony artists use with a few exceptions Besson trumpets, the most perfect instruments. We only have a small number on hand and if you desire to purchase one write for it today." December 1920
  9. I've been looking for a Bach Master Mute which was mfg. for Vincent Bach Corp before the 1940s. These were manufactured by Joseph Rapuano in NYC at that time. Anyone ever seen one, or have one in their collection they would consider selling for a reasonable price?
  10. I've been collecting early Bach instruments through the years and am intrigued by the various Apollo branded instruments that I've seen/played through the years. I'm fortunate to own two early examples, but am always looking for other examples. Anyone else have an Apollo branded trumpet, cornet, or bugle? Attached are a photo of one of my early ones, with a model T bell (Bell Mandrel #1 in Silver - Plays awesome after more than 90+ years... (Built 1925-1926)
  11. Great to join the "new" TrumpetForum.com. Had worked with this forum before in the past, great to see it getting restarted. Looking forward to hearing from others about their trumpets. As a collector of early Vincent Bach Corp. instruments I'm looking forward to learning more about what fellow Bach players are using/trying out... Todd aka BachLoyalist
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