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  1. Al Cass tribute site of the history of Al Cass mouthpieces and oil. Great resource for identifying Al Cass mouthpieces by his eldest son.
  2. All Brass is an argentine-based company that crafts brass-made musical instruments and accessories of high quality and distinguished excellence. We refer to it as ''craft'' because each product has human intervention. The mouthpieces are made in parallel lathes and are individually checked by qualified staff with precision tools to fit the measures accurately. The same process is done with each article guaranteeing perfect outputs every time. Our products are used by remarkable artists around the globe such as: Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Gustavo Bergalli, Fredrik Noren, Jeremy Pelt, among others. We are professional musicians (trumpeters) with constant performance, meaning we know exactly what you, as a costumer, expect of the products you buy whether its accessories to play with (mouthpieces, soundreturns, intensifying rings..) as well as studying accessories (beepers, buzzing rings...) All along, All Brass has been working as a luthier since the beginning
  4. Whether you're practicing or performing, the Softone Mute can help professionals and students alike. Made of soft, non-toxic neoprene rubber, Softone mutes are light-weight and easy to use. They fit comfortably in your case and easy for travel. For the BUCKET MUTE sound, simply hang the mute over the bell of your instrument. Adjust according to how much volume and resistance you desire. For the PRACTICE MUTE : TROMBONES, cover the entire bell with the mute and then inflate the mute by blowing through your mouthpiece until it seats evenly all the way around your bell. Blow easily at first. A great way to strengthen the corners of your embouchure and build endurance. Also cuts down the time necessary for warm-up by nearly half. TRUMPETS - foam inserts. Fit the mute evenly over the bell. There are four sponge rings and center inserts. The 'centers' only , can be removed one by one according to how much resistance you prefer. Suggestion: You might start by removing one ëcenter'Ý only at first. Manufactured by Ira Nepus and Brighter Music, they are distributed around the world by Conn-Selmer, and sold by music stories who carry Conn-Selmer Products.
  5. The core values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the customers are reflected in our products. We strive to provide real satisfaction and value for money in our products.
  6. Studio musicians like Rick Baptist and Wayne Bergeron, worldwide travelers like the Canadian Brass, Principal Orchestral players, as well as college professors and students worldwide have come to know the value of owning a Raw Brass case. Extensive research, development and customer feedback has resulted in a line of trumpet cases unlike anything you've ever seen. Our cases have always been known for Quality, Durability, Flexibility and Beauty. However, our Armor line of cases takes instrument protection to a whole new level.
  7. With Eastman and S.E. Shires working together, quality stays in the family. Employing techniques used by the finest brass instrument makers, quality and value transcend Eastman's line of brasswinds.
  8. Torpedo Bags was founded in 2001 by a professional trumpet player and teacher named Steve Kriesel. After importing the original CLASSIC for a few years, Steve tried out a new leather design made by a team a few miles from his house: The LOREDO was born in 2005, and it was simply gorgeous. Legends such as Byron Stripling and Sean Jones adopted this new case right away. In fact, the response was so positive that deliveries would sometimes — back then — drag out for 6 months. And the quality spoke volumes compared to the Classics that were still coming from overseas. It soon became clear that hiring his own staff was the only way to get the quality professionals were demanding, as well as aid him in controlling the delivery time of the cases. That was in 2008, and sales began to snowball after that.
  9. For over twenty years, TrumCor has paved the way for quality and innovation as the premiere mute-maker for the world's finest brass players. Renowned soloists and players from the world's greatest orchestras across the globe use TrumCor mutes. Our mutes are a continuation of a fine tradition in mutes for brass instruments first developed by Frank DePolis. DePolis mutes were used by Ted Griffith as models for his eminently successful line of Ted Griffith Mutes. Later, William Cook and Walter Lawson made further improvements with Aulos Mutes, which TrumCor purchased in 1994. TrumCor mutes are carefully hand-crafted in Tennessee, Maryland, and Texas. Our fiber mutes are made with wood and a specially formulated resonant fiber material. Our metal mutes are constructed from selected grades of aluminum, brass, and copper. They have been designed to produce a muted tone that is in tune, vibrant, warm and responsive. TrumCor mutes are durable, and their sounds blend well with other instruments. Our varied selection of styles and sizes accommodates almost every model of brass instrument or school of playing. Best of all, these mutes preserve the unique sound quality of each instrument, in all registers and at all dynamics. We are confident that you will find a TrumCor mute to be a valuable tool for many years. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about TrumCor mutes.
  10. Brand of trumpet & brass instruments from Hoxon Gakki Co., Ltd.
  11. Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop - A Brass Instrument Shop for all your brass needs
  12. Enjoy browsing our website that specializes in professional trumpet equipment. We have a fantastic selection of New and Pre-Owned Trumpets as well as Mouthpieces, Mutes, Cases, Popular Music and other Accessories! We are a small business located in Omaha, Nebraska.
  13. HARRELSON TRUMPETS - Where Science Meets Sound
  14. Woodwind & Brasswind—your band & orchestra authority—offers more than 65,000 musical products.
  15. We now have more than 75+ of the best resources and manufacturers of trumpet related equipment and accessories! Make sure to visit our Directory and add your resources that you are using with fellow members of TrumpetForum.
  16. Muirhead Music Products Ltd is an independent Scottish based company owned by Iain Muirhead. Our mutes reflect the needs of top professional players and are designed to maximize your performance.
  17. DESIGNED AND PRODUCED BY BREMNER MUSIC Needing to practice at odd times and in odd places over the years (and the absence of a suitable mute) was the reason Trevor Bremner designed the sshhmute. In development over several years in his New Plymouth workshop, the sshhmute is at long last in full commercial production and has been successfully launched to answer a market need for an effective mute for brass instruments in a price range to suit budding musicians and professionals alike.
  18. Osmun Music - Retail Store
  19. Osmun Music, with Jim Becker repair specialist.
  20. Best Brass Corporation - Brass Instruments & Accessories
  21. Monnette Corp. brass instruments and mouthpieces.
  22. Working with the best craftsmen, the latest technology and the most highly regarded musicians, Besson always strives to do better, just as you do when you practice. Never content with relying on tradition, great though it is, our desire is to put a brass instrument in your hands that allows you to play just the way you want. Our unique brass sound is the one that band players strive for, its personality resonating through band rooms and concert halls around the world, straight to the audience’s grateful ears. In recent years the quality of Besson brass instruments has continued to rise with rigorous testing and quality control. From the raw materials, the skilled techniques of master craftsmen, to the build and finish, each instrument is played and tested by the greatest brass players you will ever hear. We do this to provide you with the best instruments money can buy, a quality that endures and retains its value, making it a ‘sound’ investment to help you on your journey as a musician.
  23. Stomvi musical instruments.
  24. KELLY Mouthpieces brining color to music!
  25. Since 2002, RS Berkeley has been an innovator in musical instrument design, offering a full range of brass wind, woodwind and stringed instruments for all ages and proficiency levels. Our approach to product design and brand creation begins with our high standards, durable and sustainable materials and the latest in precision engineering technology, resulting in performance driven products that offer long lasting value.
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