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  1. The extensive range of Hetman® Musical Instrument Lubricants constitutes an application-specific system of advanced instrument care for the discriminating musician. This system of lubricants was developed to go beyond the limitations of conventional oils and provide a new level of instrument performance and longevity.
  2. Monster Oil Brass Lubricants - Each of our Monster Oil formulas start with the cleanest synthetic oil on the market - the same stuff they use at NASA!
  3. Anton Possegger - Master workshop for wind instruments
  4. When you select a Scodwell USA instrument as part of your collection, know that each piece is hand built to the exacting standards of musician and craftsman Tony Scodwell. He has established Scodwell USA’s reputation through a rigorous approach to building instruments: if he wouldn’t play it, he won’t sell it. Tony’s acclaimed trumpets and flugelhorns are created one at a time, allowing for each horn to be thoroughly tested in order to deliver unmatched clarity, intonation and projection. These fine instruments are sold at discerning retailers across the world, including the United States, Germany and Australia.
  5. Welcome to Ultra-Pure Oils, where you can find fantastic valve oils, slide lubes, rotor oils, care kits for brass and woodwinds, and other fine accessories for musical instrument care. Ultra-Pure Oils started in 1990 with custom blends of synthetic oils to develop the ideal lubricant for valves: Fast, light, and super-smooth with a little silky feel to it. Long-lasting and odorless. No build-up or staining, Fast-forward to today and you can find Ultra-Pure products in fine music stores and online shops the world over. Ultra-Pure Oils LLC is a family-owned and operated business. We care about the environment and recycle all our waste cardboard, plastic bottles, and any waste oils. Please remember to reuse or wash and recycle your bottle when it is empty.
  6. Under a philosophy to support music education and community since 1930, KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., has become one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world today. Incorporating some of the fastest growing brands in the industry, KHS can offer a full line of quality instruments to school music programs and individual players. As a global company, KHS selects the finest materials available and controls all aspects of manufacturing in their state-of-the-art, company-owned factories, ensuring consistently high quality and reliability.
  7. Calicchio Trumpets moves to the heartland as new owner John Duda revitalizes the art of old-world craftsmanship set forth by Domenick Calicchio. John's history in the art of horn-making spans generations as he continues to follow in the footsteps of his father Louis, designer of the Benge pocket trumpet.
  8. The plastic trumpet - authentic, innovative, accessible.
  10. Schagerl Music GmbH - In Quality We Trust!
  11. Eclipse – leading the way since 1999. Perfection in Trumpets, Cornets and Flugelhorns
  12. My experiences have been mixed when using a heavy top / heavy blank trumpet mouthpieces. I've played Bach Megatone mouthpieces before and had good results on my Bach Strad 43* - helped focus my upper register and did improve some of the overtones/color of the sound in the mid-register. I've also played other brands of heavy blank mouthpiece on my Bach and did not have quite the same effect on my Bach than the Megatone - but when playing on my Getzen is worked great! I think in that case, it was related to the "gap" of the leadpipe receiver to the mouthpeice. I would suggest you try them out on your specific trumpet, to see what you experience. Borrow one from a friend, or buy from a shop that has a good return policy (Mouthpeice Express). Hope this helps, let's see what others think here in the forum -
  13. The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc. (NAPBIRT) was founded in 1976 by a small group of technicians who realized the need for communication and the free exchange of information within their trade. NAPBIRT was created from these ideals and we proudly celebrate over 40 years of sharing and growing together. The primary goal of continuing education is attained through Regional Clinics, NAPBIRT University Courses and annual International Conferences all of which, in combination, provide over 300 hours throughout the year of face to face instruction via lectures, demonstrations and hands-on sessions. In addition, NAPBIRT offers its members a bi-monthly trade journal known as TechniCom, a comprehensive website and a member network of over 1300 technicians with whom to exchange tradecraft. Thank you for your interest in NAPBIRT and the musical instrument repair profession.
  14. Flip Oakes and Wild Thing Trumpets – Where Trumpet and Brilliance Converge
  15. The Jerome Callet "Jazz" Trumpet and the Callet "Jazz" Flugelhorns are back in production! These tried and proven modern super horns are still made with the original lead pipe and bell tooling as a starting platform, carrying on with the tradition of innovations. 2017 ushered in some improvements to these already great instruments. The Generation II series Callets!
  16. Trumpet mouthpieces from Austin Custom Brass
  17. Clary Woodmutes - Beautiful Handmade Wooden Trumpet Mutes
  18. Welcome to Mute Meister! As the MuteMeister, I performed countless restorations on vintage mutes. Before curtailing those activities in 2016, I spent literally thousands of hours restoring about every make and model of mute ever manufactured. This taught me much regarding the subject of brass instrument mutes. Thus, when I finally made the decision to operate as a mute designer, and give up commercial restorations, a new set of brass instrument mutes emerged. Manufactured by Warburton Music Products, we now present the new MuteMeister line.
  19. Welcome to VintageMutes.com - Home of everything pertaining to Vintage Wind Instrument Mutes & Accessories.
  20. DaCarbo Trumpets - EFFORTLESS MUSIC-MAKING daCarbo instruments open up new horizons
  21. The Horn Guys - Your source for the finest in brass instruments and accessories.
  22. Tom Crown mutes are used by brass players worldwide.
  23. Trumpet and brass instrument cases.
  24. Asymmetric Mouthpieces - range enhancing mouthpieces
  25. The Wedge Mouthpiece - Unlike any mouthpiece you have tried before Harrison Mouthpieces, Inc. 3410 South Rd, Gabriola, BC Canada V0R 1X7
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