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  1. I've been surprised the past few weeks, watching counterfeit Bach Mt. Vernon mouthpieces being sold on eBay.  New packaging, copied the sealed bag, and did a pretty good job copying the shape & lettering of the mouthpiece.  At least they put in their description in the listing, made in China.

    I know Conn-Selmer has been alerted, but wonder how long eBay will leave them up.  I've seen the counterfeit Bach Strad. trumpets - but that obvious errors on them (serial number, engraving, trim differences) - but the mouthpieces are pretty good looking copies & packaging...

    This could (will?) damage the re-sale market for Bach Mt. Vernon mouthpieces...  Have others seen them?  or actually purchased one?

  2. I'd spend the money and get it repaired & fixed.  Sounds like a good trumpet for various types of music...  I've only played one once, and it really had a good sound across the staff...

  3. We've added another "fun" feature to TrumpetForum.com.  Now you can see where your fellow TrumpetForum members are from.  We only ask what city where you're located - nothing specific to your specific street address.  You choose your city during the registration process, and you can always change yiour city, by editing your profile, from the drop down menu in the upper right.

    Check our member map today, but clicking on the menu item on TrumpetForum.com.


  4. After all the years (I played a Getzen in high school in the 1980s), I'm still surprised about the lack of awareness of Getzen trumpets and trombones.  Great trumpets (& great valves) for many people out there, while many are just focused on the two big trumpet brands...  (B, Y)



  5. I just received the Sound Return, and used it tonight during a 2.5 hr. big band practice.  Very nice quality, did have to bend out the mounts because my Taylor trumpet has a 5.25" bell - but worked great once I adjusted it.  They seem to have updated their packaging since the demo by Mark Zauss above.

    It worked AWESOME to better hear what I'm playing.  I play the 1st book, and often the parts get so loud that I have a hard time hearing my sound.  After adding to my trumpet, I found I could hear better, which in result allowed me to better play in-tune, and became more precise in my attacks and entrances...

    Simple solution, but worth the cost!




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  6. Great looking Recording.  I've never played one before, how do they sound?  Does the unique balanced design make a big difference in the playing/projection?

  7. I recently found this new mute? called a "soundreturn" for trumpet.  After watching a great video (they all are great of Mark Zauss playing with one, I've ordered one to try out.  When playing in a loud band, I have the need to better hear my sound/pitch to ensure I'm playing in tune.


    Will post my review, once I receive in the next week. Anyone else played with one yet?  or have seen similar solutions?

    Video below.


  8. We now have more than 100+ of the best resources and manufacturers of trumpet related equipment and accessories!  Make sure to visit our Directory and add your resources that you are using with fellow members of TrumpetForum.

  9. My experiences have been mixed when using a heavy top / heavy blank trumpet mouthpieces.  I've played Bach Megatone mouthpieces before and had good results on my Bach Strad 43* - helped focus my upper register and did improve some of the overtones/color of the sound in the mid-register.  I've also played other brands of heavy blank mouthpiece on my Bach and did not have quite the same effect on my Bach than the Megatone - but when playing on my Getzen is worked great!  I think in that case, it was related to the "gap" of the leadpipe receiver to the mouthpeice.

    I would suggest you try them out on your specific trumpet, to see what you experience.  Borrow one from a friend, or buy from a shop that has a good return policy (Mouthpeice Express).

    Hope this helps, let's see what others think here in the forum -

  10. We now have more than 75+ of the best resources and manufacturers of trumpet related equipment and accessories!  Make sure to visit our Directory and add your resources that you are using with fellow members of TrumpetForum.

  11. I wanted to share photos from a tour I took in 2010 of the Kanstul Mfg. plant  in Anaheim with my wife and daughter.  Now that tooling has been sold to BAC, I wanted to make sure I share the history of the fine craftsmen that built Kanstul instruments for many years

    Go under Gallery to see more than 50 photos from 2010.  Please check them out and leave your comments.



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