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Softone Mutes


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Whether you're practicing or performing, the Softone Mute can help professionals and students alike. Made of soft, non-toxic neoprene rubber, Softone mutes are light-weight and easy to use. They fit comfortably in your case and easy for travel.

For the BUCKET MUTE sound, simply hang the mute over the bell of your instrument. Adjust according to how much volume and resistance you desire.

For the PRACTICE MUTE : TROMBONES, cover the entire bell with the mute and then inflate the mute by blowing through your mouthpiece until it seats evenly all the way around your bell. Blow easily at first. A great way to strengthen the corners of your embouchure and build endurance. Also cuts down the time necessary for warm-up by nearly half.

TRUMPETS - foam inserts. Fit the mute evenly over the bell. There are four sponge rings and center inserts. The 'centers' only , can be removed one by one according to how much resistance you prefer. Suggestion: You might start by removing one ëcenter'Ý only at first. 

Manufactured by Ira Nepus and Brighter Music, they are distributed around the world by Conn-Selmer, and sold by music stories who carry Conn-Selmer Products.

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